CATJEE The Pioneer

CATJEE : The Pioneer

CATJEE, since its inception, has always worked to bring in requisite changes in its teaching methodology to make the learning more student-friendly. In order to do this, CATJEE has always emphasized the importance of innovation in terms of developing new ways to educate its students and otherwise raise the bar when it comes to their psychological development and overall development as holistic individuals. Research-backed methodologies here have ensured CATJEE to make its presence felt as a leader in terms of innovative ideas. The think tank at CATJEE has been ever active and solution-centric, and as such has pioneered many innovative concepts.

Synchro Batch & Comprehensive School Program

A concept called synchro batch was one of the very early initiatives helmed by CATJEE. This concept made it possible for the students to study for both the academic syllabus and competitive examination centric curriculum together at CATJEE. The students were given school classes for three days and competitive coaching during the rest three days of the week.

Later to make the system more coherent for the students preparing for highly competitive entrance examinations, Comprehensive School Program was introduced. This idea emerged from an apprehension that the students always found it very difficult to find a fine balance between the performance in board exams and simultaneously focus on the college entrance exams. That is why the think-tank at CATJEE came up with the solution of an all-encompassing concept, which was then formulated and introduced in 2003. The total schooling system was applied in the institute, under which students are taught and lectures delivered on all subjects for the classes till Xth and Science stream subjects for classes XIth, XIIth.

Compulsory Music in the Curriculum

CATJEE Preparing for highly competitive exams is always very stressful, research has proven that when students practice music along with their academic subjects, their focus improves, and to a certain extent, it also controls the stress among the students. Music lets the mind relax and creates an aura of peace and tranquility into the atmosphere, that is very conducive during stressful conditions. CATJEE realized the same very early and became the first coaching institute in the region that began classes of music for its students. The same was later emulated by many other institutes. Here at CATJEE music is a compulsory subject for students of classes XI and XII under the comprehensive schooling program. CATJEE also puts focus on the psychological grooming of students to make them mentally strong which is very essential for students at this level.

Genius 20

CATJEE was the first coaching institute in purvanchal to conduct a big talent hunt exam for meritorious, but underprivileged students, Concept of Genius 20’, under which as many as 20 talented students are selected and provided free of cost education at the institute has helped many not so privileged students to realize their dream. And this is also one of the brainchildren of CATJEE that has now been followed by many other institutes.

Research & Development

CATJEE owns a dedicated Research and Development Cell where a team of highly experienced faculty is dedicatedly at work on reinforcing the existing study material, creating innovative questions, and preparing simulation exam papers of Board Examination, JEE MAIN / JEE ADVANCED / NEET keeping an acute vigilance on the current exam trends and paper setting patterns of the mentioned examinations.