Systematic Approach to Board Exams

It is a common fear that the students preparing for the competitive examinations might not fare very well at the school board examination level. This often happens because they are grilled more in the competitive domain and are not given elaborate grooming in writing subjective answers required for the board examination.

CATJEE has a distinct methodology for preparing for the board and IITJEE/NEET level together. This is done by making the NCERT textbooks as the basic handbook of teaching in the class. Any subject is taught in strictly the same sequence as given in the NCERT textbook so as to prevent the child from developing undue confusion.

Independent Board (NCERT) level tests are conducted alongside the IITJEE/NEET level tests and the copies are corrected at a very meticulous level by teachers. The students then receive methodical board level tips so as to perform excellently well in the exams.

The detailed solution to each test paper does the rest of the work. This is why the foundation batch students of CATJEE perform excellently well in their board exams.