Best in town transport Facility

CATJEE provides fully air-conditioned luxury transportation, again the best in the education industry, to its students. The profound thought that goes behind running such luxurious transport system for children is to guard them against the vagaries of heat and dust and pollution while they travel from their houses or schools to CATJEE. This brings them to the classrooms as fresh as a daisy, which ensures their 100% involvement in the classrooms.

Due to logistic limitations, the transport facility is open only for students studying in Comprehensive CATJEE School Program(Classes 8th to 12th School Program) and Pre-Foundation Coaching Program (8th, 9th, 10th Program) from almost all corners of the city. The monthly fare for students varies depending upon their distance from the CATJEE campus.

The exact details of the routes, seat availability and monthly charges are available with the Transport In-charge on +91-740-842-3009