Nurturing the Self Confidence

The intensive class room program of is highly compact, directional and designed in a scientific way so that the student gains confidence in a very small duration. The methodology lays emphasis on fundamental concepts of each subject and sharpening analytical skills to enable them of resolving the complex and tricky problems by mere application of basic concepts. Once a student has enrolled in our class room contact program he/she needs no external help of any sort. Years of our experience has enough evidence that signifies the fact students who follow us sincerely (do not waste time on other helps available) qualify IITJEE with extremely good ranks

For the Students :

Undoubtedly students are the centre point of the whole program and without their commitment for hard work success will be a mirage. Also, irrespective of the magnitude of our sincere efforts unless the students develop full trust on us and follow our experienced advices we are helpless. Students must utilize their time in a pragmatic way from very first day. They are advised to drink more water, develop healthy eating habits (avoid junk food, carbonated cold drinks etc.), do a little bit of Yoga and Meditation (45 minutes to 1 hour) to keep themselves relaxed, healthy and active. They are supposed to take good care of their health as it will prevent from falling sick. Even one lecture missed means a vital link missing from a large chain. Scientific lectures are interlinked and missing topics can damage at least two to three other topics.

What the students have to do before coming for lectures?

The first and foremost duty of a student before coming for a lecture is to complete the Daily Practice Problems (DPP) of the previous lecture with full dedication. Never make a DPP a Daily Pending Problem. It is a fact that comprehension of a scientific material in very first reading is generally very less. This is why repeated reading of the text and notes is highly recommended. You are advised to note down the “not followed points” on a copy and concentrate well in class when those points are discussed.

Proper Study Method

At least six hours of self study is strongly recommended per day.

1 Take a slow reading of the class notes and thoroughly go through the examples discussed in class before solving the DPPs (Daily Practice Problems) and question banks.
2 Never skip a derivation. Derivation is also a numerical in itself. Most fundamental concepts, analytical and logical reasoning are developed from thorough reading of derivations. The comprehension based questions are generally made from derivations.
3 After reading a paragraph always ask yourself what tricky questions can be framed on the text? This helps in building critical view of a written text which is very important for tracking assertion and reasoning type problems.
4 Never rush to see solution of a numerical. Delay it as long as you can. Hard fought results give you confidence and maturity.